I started to like better the taste of Seattle’s Best Coffee over others. There were a lot of coffee shops here in Saudi Arabia, and the competition among them is really close. From locally grown coffee shops to internationally renowned franchise – you’ll find them all here in Saudi Arabia.

Many Saudis young and adult alike, usually hang with their friends in coffee shops to chit chat. This is their way to spend time to get along with their brotherly friends and getaway with their wives of other female family members. You’ll see them frequently in many busy streets that is lined with famous coffee shops or likewise in huge shopping malls.

Seattle’s Best coffee tastes good as per my standards. I don’t feel the “fullness” after drinking a cup, as I do with Starbucks cafe latte.

Here in Saudi Arabia, Seattle’s Best is coupled with Cinnabon stores.  What a great combination as per my taste, and I usually choose Seattle’s Best for coffee time.


  • Taste:  Like Very Much.
  • Health:  Moderate.
  • Price:  Moderate.

Moderately Pricey