Knowing that other people have the same interest in food and/or in cooking is a great feeling. You can do this by connecting with your Facebook friends, and sharing recipes and food photos. Whenever we Filipinos are abroad especially us OFWs, we tend to divert our homesickness into cooking Pinoy foods. We try to incorporate ingredients available in the country we are in into our sinigang, pinakbet or pancit. I’ve got a chance to meet my high school classmate and now friend in Facebook, Rowena Manahan who shares her cooking through Facebook. She has the passion to cook for her family where she is based in Abu Dhabi. We exchange ‘likes’ and comments in our Facebook posts, and so I make this blog to showcase her delectable home cooking.

Rowena Manahan’s food gallery


I enjoy seeing her pinoy food photos, giving a twist on some recipes. On her photo gallery there’s this album called “Simpleng Pagkain pag inayos sa Plato para na din Masarap.” It covers a wide variety of Filipino food and other cuisines that is served in various ways. In one album, I particularly like the relyenong bangus, which is just one of my favorite pinoy food. Here’s Wena’s version of relyenong bangus.

Relyenong Bangus by Wena

Relyenong Bangus Ingredients by Wena

This really shows that we can enjoy home cooking our favorite Filipino food even if we’re abroad working as OFW. In this way, we will be able to improve our cooking skills and serve our dearest family members.