Vapiano Sicilian Meat Loaf

You can be a regular patron of Vapiano. For a sure meal without thinking much that you won’t be satisfied after the course, you can rely on their quality of food.

Food. Overall the food in Vapiano is truly above quality. They serve very authentic Italian dis . On this visit, the Sicilian Meat Loaf stands out. It is also their featured item on the menu. (I’m not sure if it is the new dish.)

Service. Always as ever, the Filipino servers are very helpful. Nothing to complain about their service.

Ambiance. Vapiano has vey urban concept of restaurant. You can be dining in around fresh pots of herbs. It adds the feel of a true Italian restaurant. One thing that is not appealing is the center table pieces that take too much space of the dining table. Whenever you want to have a sharing meal, you can’t put it on the center.

Price. Very reasonable. Carpaccio Bresaola 30, Saffron Risotto 45, Sicilian Meat Loaf 55. Total bill for 2 persons is 185 SR inclusive of drinks and coffee, with left over taken away (moderate and will be eaten for sure at home).

Location:  Localizer Mall, Thalia, Riyadh


Overall Likeness: 5 – extremely Like


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