liemsilog – Sinangag Express

Not ordinarily the same as other tapsilogan, Sinangag Express serves a rather better silogs. I am referring to the taste, which is not too salty tapa, but really tasty. You can enjoy the great taste of silogs without the guilt of overeating. The sinangag is not that oily as it seems its is only cooked like a java rice. The toasted garlic on top makes it really appetizing to eat together with the meat or fish.

I tried their liemsilog, after having deprived of eating pork in Saudi Arabia. Well, I still prefer the bangsilog, but for the purpose of tasting their other silogs, I opted to try the liempo. Again, I just separated the fatty parts, which were not that many.

Taho – Sinangag Express

Another worth going back eating at Sinangag Express is their taho. Served in a generous size, with the syrup on the side – it is really delicious and it feels ‘clean’ to eat as compared to the one sold at the sidewalks.

This branch is located along Alabang-Zapote Road, almost near the University of Perpetual Help, besides Shakey’s and a Shell Gas Station. Although typical place for a silog restaurant, the place is rather clean. The place is near other bars and hotspots in Las Pinas where students flock the area at night.


Sinangag Express – Las Pinas City