Spread Some Awesome is a blog by KC Canlas – a foodie, travel junkie, newbie photog, and frustrated book author. She blogs because this way she can immortalize her experiences.

Part of her blog is her being a foodie. In this article, she gave me answers to my questionnaire. Here’s also one of her restaurant review about Zaffron in Oasia Hotel Singapore.

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How do you choose your topics?

There is no formula on how I choose the restaurant or place I blog about. Sometimes I try it based on a hunch. Sometimes friends refer them to me. Sometimes I read it from fellow bloggers. Sometimes I do my own research especially if I will be going to place for the first time. I blog about the things I loved and enjoyed. I rarely blog about the things that disappointed me because I don’t want to waste time whining. When I do blog something negative, I try to be as constructive as possible.

Who do you think are the type of people most interested in food blogs?

Well, I really have no idea. I blog thinking that what I write will reach those who need this information.

What is the best market for food blogging?

Everyone. All of us eat but only some read and research where to go. It’s great that with the availability of social media, more people gets exposed with blogs.

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