Nowadays, food establishments are getting organic. A number of restaurants have been opened now serving organic foods to cater to health conscious individuals. Various organic foods are also available in your favorite groceries and supermarkets, so you can start cooking organic meals in your own kitchen.

How about on your favorite burger? Did you ever think it would go organic? On organic burger has meat being raised and grown under certain conditions where certified organic standards are applied. Being beef as a major ingredient for your burger, the cow is fed with organically grown feed or grass in organically grown farm. The farm should be free of pesticides and growth hormones and antibiotics are not used to raise the cows.

Tasty Organic Burgers

One burger that stands among the rest is the Elevation Burger. Having been started to become popular in the United States, Elevation Burger now is being introduced in the Middle East. Tasting this so-called healthy burger in one of its store in Bahrain, The Elevation Burger – the name from the menu has double meat, double cheese (real cheddar). It’s the first try so I opted to choose the first from the list named The Elevation Burger. I was surprised that the portion of this double patty burger is ridiculously small. Thinking that the burger will be good for two persons, we ordered only one for sharing. We ended up ordering another one to have a real taste.

The meat is rather tasty and juicy. It’s a bit expensive for the portion because it doesn’t come with drinks and fries. For me, it’s is just right for a snack and of course, thinking that it is organic, you feel healthier even if you indulge eating your favorite burger. The meal is light even if it’s full of meat.  Even if it is costly (for 3-4BD price range) for the Elevation Burger Double Patty, I can say that the taste is really good. The only problem is that you might want to eat more because after finishing a double patty Elevation Burger, you still feel light.


Elevation Burger at Seef Mall, Manama, Bahrain

Dining at the restaurant, it has a fresh feel because of the cool blue color theme. Of course, the staff consisted of majority Filipinos, so we were served the best. Upon ordering, you get to choose your own combination of burgers (but yes, I opted for the easy one). Waiting for your meal, you will be given this round blue disc that vibrates when your meal is ready. The burger is served in this aluminium trays that seems unappealing to me.

This store of Elevation Burger Bahrain is located at Seef Mall in Seef, Manama. The worldwide site is, and the Bahrain social media accounts are  and