Sushico Istanbul Turkey - Dragon RollMost people think that sushi and sashimi are the same, but these are actually two different Japanese dishes. They are relatively similar, considering that they both include raw fish as an ingredient, and they are both served with soy sauce. The main distinction between sushi and sashimi is that they are prepared differently. These Japanese dishes are very popular and you will find that there are specialized sushi and sashimi chefs.

Differences in Pronunciation and Types

We say sushi as “soo-shee” and its meaning is vinegar rice. It is usually dipped into a soy sauce but it can also be eaten as it is.

There are many different sorts of sushi and the main difference lies in the presentation of the dish. For example, nigiri-zushi is the most familiar sushi. It includes little fingers of rice with wasabi, together with a fillet of raw fish or cooked fish. Maki-zushi includes seaweed rolls with fish, rice and vegetables. Temaki-zushi represents cones of rice that are filled with all sorts of vegetables and fish. Finally, Chirashi-zushi is served in a box or bowl and it contains rice which is topped with Sashimi.

We pronounce sashimi as “sah-shee-mee” and it means pierced boy. This is a weird combination of words but it actually refers to two different words – “sashi” means pierced and “mi” means meat. This is how these two words describe fish that is sliced into pieces. This dish is served with a dipping sauce only. And more often than not, wasabi is mixed with soy sauce directly for a spiced flavor.

Sashimi is made with different kinds of seafood and there are few kinds of sashimi that are widely used. Toro represents a dish with a fatty tuna while Maguro is the same dish with regular tuna. We make Saba with Mackerel fish while Ebi is made with prawns.  And last but not least, Tako is a dish where octopus plays the main role. This dish is usually served cooked because octopus takes a bit more chewing.

Is Sushi Healthier Than Sashimi?

Both dished are considered to be very healthy foods. But, sashimi is a bit healthier than sushi. The reason for this is the different approach in meal preparation. Sushi often contains spices, fried ingredients and even mayonnaise. This is what increases the number of calories. On the other hand, sashimi contains fresh and raw fish in most cases. If you want a healthy sushi dish, then choose a sushi that has brown rice and has fresh ingredients.

It is suggested you try both Japanese dishes to get the best picture on how different they are. A good thing to do would be to visit a Japanese restaurant with both sushi and sashimi dishes served via a conveyor belt.  As dishes on the belt pass in front of you, you have a chance to see if it looks interesting to eat.  This is quite an experience, both for you and your family.

About the Contributor: Nancy Lu is a marketing specialist for Asian food. Being a traveler for years, she has tasted plenty of authentic Asian food around the world. She dedicated her hobbies and professional life to look for the best Asian dishes and Japanese restaurant to share with people.