Outback Restaurant Riyadh  Salmon grilledAiming to eat fish rather than beef or pork is what I intend to do whenever I dine out. Aside from having fresh greens on the side, sometimes a fish sandwich is just enough to complete my meal. Of course, there are occasional treats for steaks or hamburgers. So almost any salmon dish is a feast whenever I dine out. Either grilled, seared or baked – I like salmon dish a lot. Having tasted almost all salmon dish in all restaurants is what I also aimed.

But this salmon dish I found not satisfying. Here one time on a usual dinner at Outback Steak House in Localizer Mall, Riyadh, I ordered grilled salmon. The salmon dish had rice pilaf and veggies on the side. We frequented Outback Restaurant here in Thalia Street, Riyadh so I had no hesitation to taste any of the meal on the menu. I had pending food reviews of this franchise restaurant in Saudi Arabia, but still filed up with other posts. Maybe, there were no extra unique restaurant visit, that’s why I made no effort to post my food review immediately.

The Food at Outback Steak House

Priced at SR 72 for the Grilled Salmon of Outback Steak House, I tasted the salmon dish too overdone. The salmon meat was too dry already and there are charred grilled lines. The veggies were overcooked also and not appetizing to chew because there was no bite anymore on the broccoli. The rice pilaf was just good. I had not asked the attention of the server anymore because they had a mistake on the other orders. They were apologetic when they served a different meal instead of Spring Chicken. The Filipino staff offered a free Hot  Apple Pie for that reason. I didn’t like the Apple Pie either because the apple filling tastes like fresh from the jar.

Outback Restaurant Riyadh  grilled salmon

The overall experience dining this time at Outback Steak House in Thalia Street Riyadh is not fine but because we were gearing towards a gym workout, we had to eat full to have the energy.

The total meal was SR 170 with Limeade and Classic Mojito together with the Grilled Salmon and Spring Chicken meal. We may still come back for other dish but maybe not again with the seafood – anyhow the restaurant is a steakhouse.

Outback Restaurant Riyadh  Limeade

Outback Restaurant Riyadh  hot apple pie


Outback Restaurant Riyadh  Spring Chicken