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If you’re really on-the-go and want fast Chinese food, don’t go to Yummy Wok in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

At the time of visit on a late dinner, there was a long queue as it seemed their kitchen and order taker/cashier couldn’t cope up with the influx of regular customers. What – regular customers? Yes, even if they have slow service and turnover of food orders, it seemed those people coming to buy food were not bothered how it was going on.

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There is nothing really special about the restaurant. The place is a bit small, just enough for occasional dine in. It is meant to be for take away food. So it should be a fast food, since this is the concept they are trying to convey. There are five to six woks and the cooks are all busy. It is typical to Chinese fast food restaurants, I think so.

The menu is so simple. You can mix and match your rice or noodle. There are three steps to make your meal. First, choose from either noodle or rice. There are three types of noodles – udon, egg, whole wheat. There are three types of rice to choose from also – Jasmine, long grain or Chinese. Then, the second step is choose from chicken, beef or shrimp. And you will add your choice of vegetables – Shitake mushroom, broccoli, baby corn, green onion, green pepper, white onions, chestnut mushroom or mung beans. For every single ingredient, there is a corresponding price (see below). The third step is to add which sauce you would like – soy, Teriyaki or oyster. Then you’re done.

Yummy Wok Menu Riyadh

We had three different combination of rice and noodle. They all tasted very good and the wait was worthy. Maybe, the long wait was due to the reasons that it was weekend and late dinner time, so there were a lot of regular customers coming in. Though, one restaurant staff suggested lunch time as the most convenient time to visit Yummy Wok.

Yummy wok is located along Takhassusi St. (Khurais Rd.) in rows with other store in Panda Aziziyah.

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