The Pancake House-Riyadh KSA

Another weekend here in Riyadh, and we decided to do some overflowing work in a café or restaurant rather than at home to avoid getting sluggish. Working on several blog posts, we ended up having our lunch and dinner at The Pancake House. The usual treat and feast on pancake was satisfying. I was looking forward of having their waffles, but again the machine was out of order.

At dinner time, we tried their Tenderloin Steak and Scampi Pasta. We wanted the steak to be medium well, but they served it well done. On the other hand, the pasta was way beyond al dente but not that cooked. Going back to the lunch, we asked for soft scrambled eggs, but they served well done. Now the serving size of the steak and pasta was a bit expensive for the price. But, yes it was well enough good for two-person sharing. The good thing about that I can say is the generous amount of vegetable sidings. I liked the broccoli on the side as well as the grilled-taste of the mashed potato.

The tenderloin steak cost us SR64, and the scampi pasta was SR54, with total of SR127 for the dinner including drinks.

Over all, the dining experience again is not that good. The good thing was we were able to stay inside the restaurant for almost the whole day doing my blog posts good for one month. Anyway, the restaurant is not that crowded, at least in the single section.