Bon Chon Chicken SM Bicutan Philippines

A 2-pc chicken drumsticks rice box for Php 145 at BonChon Philippines

It’s official that BonChon Chicken is slowly conquering the Philippines since its opening in 2010, armed with its’ spicy chicken wings and wrapped bulgogi. These two meal will surely satisfy the Filipino’s unique palate. With currently new branches, that are strategically located at certain areas all over the Metro Manila, BonChon Chicken is evidently making its way at the top in the Philippine market.

This Korean restaurant is known for serving the best spicy chicken wings in America. Getting a thumbs up from known magazines and search engines has made BonChon credible for its franchise here in the Philippines, and I, for one, has eagerly waited for its opening and try it for myself until I get home from Saudi Arabia for vacation. I am not sure but it seems like somewhat a BBQ chicken or only coated with BBQ sauce.

Bon Chon Chicken SM Bicutan

I was literally half running, half walking towards BonChon branch in SM Bicutan with my daughter and niece. I know that by lunch time, BonChon Chicken was packed with hungry customers, so I try to quicken my pace so I can reach it earlier. But by the time I got there, a long line of people were waiting to place their orders. I lined up, and after a few minutes, I ordered the usual meal of a 2-pc chicken drumsticks rice box for Php 145 each one of us. Just for the start up, maybe next time I will explore more the menu. I find the chicken less flavor, and less tasty – only the breading that was crispy and sweet savory. The chicken meat was not that as flavorful as I;ve expected. It was quite a while before my meal was served, and during that time, I let my eyes wander. The place of BonChon Chicken was small, as compared to any Jollibee or McDonald’s outlet.  The restaurant has both a Korean and Filipino influences in its interior and ambiance. Their waiters were quick and very polite. I noticed the floors were slippery, so I carefully walked towards our table.

But of course, BonChon Chicken is so famous with spicy chicken wings, a roll of bulgogi, fish taco, chap chae and fries – maybe next time.

My food was served a bit late. Apparently, there was a confusion as to how many will eat that single order and, there were a lot of customers waiting to get their food. The chicken has a close to perfect combination of garlic, soy sauce and chili. If ever you’re not a fan of spicy food, a regular coated chicken is available.

Dining in at BonChon Chicken will satisfy your cravings for a regular chicken meal – just maybe for a different treat. This has been one Korean fast food that serves quality food with reasonable prices. I recommend that you visit other branches of BonChon and experience the food for you to decide. This is a place for you, your family and friends that they might enjoy.

Bon Chon Chicken SM Bicutan in PhilippinesAnyway, BonChon Chicken Philippines widely distributed all over Metro Manila and you can their site for more details