RumbleTalk chat service is the latest innovation that you can use for your blog or website. This is the chat service that is especially-designed to work with your business needs. It is a unique chat that you can utilize to enhance yours and your users experience.

With RumbleTalk, I started to have my blog chat service in just few easy steps. First, I entered my valid Email, chose my password, and hit the ‘Get it, it’s free’ button. I was immediately logged in and then directed to Embed Chat page. Since I have my own website, I copied the code, made sure to click the floating checkbox, because I want the widget floating on the bottom right corner of the homepage. I then embedded the code on the homepage of my blog.

Since I’m using WordPress as publishing platform for my blog, I just go to the Widget tab, selected an empty text widget, and then paste the code and saved. Setting up is done. I’m excited to invite my friends on Facebook or Twitter to start chatting with them about my blogging experience. Soon I will have friends with Rumble Talk community by just logging in with my Rumble Talk account while my blog readers can also login as guests or use their Facebook or Twitter profile.

Check Out This Exciting Features of RumbleTalk 

  • Customizable chat design. With RumbleTalk, you can add a chat skin to enhance the appearance of your chat. You can choose your own skin through the administrator panel. Aside from that, you can improve the background style based from the theme of your website or blog. In addition, you can shrink or stretch the chat service size as you need it.
  • Website or blog promotion through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. With RumbleTalk chat service, you can allow users to like your Facebook page. They can also retweet lines from the chat to repost them using their Facebook. You can also let visitors to post on your blog or website using their social network accounts.
  • Website chat service management. With RumbleTalk chat service, you can manage chats as you like them on each of your owned website. Control the language you use, chat definitions, language and so much more.
  • Ban spam users and sentences. With your account management, you can ban some users or sentences which you think aren’t welcome on your website. You can also archive chat histories.
  • Neither hardware nor coding needed. You can simply add this chat service on your website through copy and pasting the automatically made link code.
  • Ability to talk from mobile devices. Using your PC, Smart phone and/or tablet, you can engage into conversations with friend and family by scanning a QR code and take the conversation with you.

To promote your website or blog for free using this chat service for free, sign up now for your RumbleTalk chat service account now.