pork adoboThe Huffingtonpost reported on April 18, 2013 Filipino food has all the trappings of the next big “it-cuisine” in the United States restaurant scene. Unlike any other Asian cuisine, Filipino food has not got yet to the mainstream USA restaurants. Even in any other parts of the world, you will only find Filipino restaurants being frequented by mostly Filipinos in a community where Filipinos settle.

Marvin Gapultos’ Adobo Road is a cookbook that will introduce Filipino food to the USA foodies. Marvin is also the person behind the Manila Machine – a gourmet Filipino food truck that gained popularity in Southern California. He is also the food blogger of Burnt Lumpia.

Having seen this post in the Huffintonpost, the Filipino food can be hopefully the next major foodie trend in the United states or even in any part of the world.