Chef Hasset Go is a celebrity chef having been featured in various TV shows and events in the Philippines. He is the part-owner and resident chef of MEDCHEF Homemade Cakes, Pastries and Desserts, which supplies cakes and pastries to numerous cafes and restaurants.

Chef Hasset’s success in his business is truly inspiring. He currently started his own blog, managed by Mediactiv8.  The blog is an online resource of everything about Chef Hasset Go- his life as a pastry chef, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, culinary school instructor and even a bit about his personal life. Through this blog, Chef Hasset Go would like to share his tips to everybody (baker or not, young or young-at-heart) on topics such as baking and starting one’s own business to following one’s passion and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

It is very fortunate to feature Chef Hasset through interview series of The Food Techies. Below is the complete question and answer.

White Chocolate Almond Cream Puffs and Strawberry Cheesecake Springrolls by


Do you need to be a good cook or a kitchen connoisseur to be a good food blogger? 

Not necessarily. But it may help you become a better one! As long as you love to eat then you can be a good food blogger! You just have to determine what aspect in food or cooking will be your focus. If it’s food, all you have to do is to be adventurous on everything. Try everything! Eat everything! Hahaha! If it’s cooking, will that you have to learn. Learn from books, culinary schools and experts! For me, food blogging naman is just like a daily journal or a diary where you just have to tell and share a story about your experiences with the food that you have eaten/tasted.

How do Filipino foods differ from other types of cuisines

To be honest, I can’t really differentiate Filipino cuisine from other types of cuisines because we came from a hodge podge of cultures. But one thing I’m sure about is that we Filipinos has this distinct taste when it comes to food. Like other Asian countries, the heavy use of spices is also there and we Filipinos are very generous when it comes to putting flavors. We love flavors bursting in a single bite!

Can Filipino cuisine be as interesting as other international cuisines?

Of course! Traditional Filipino dishes are hard to find nowadays. But since there are already a lot of talented Filipino chefs who has this distinct taste when it comes to food, they were able to come up with new and different recipes that only we, Filipinos, can thought of having one. As for me, I just realized that in our country we have a wide range of unique local ingredients that we can actually use in cooking- instead of getting imported ones. All we have to do is to seek help or support from our government so we can promote it worldwide! One of my advocacy now is to really help our local farmers and promote local products like coconut sugar, local fruits and vegetables.

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