Nowadays, if we randomly enter any grocery store, etc., we would usually see stacks of processed chocolates, powdered chocolate drink perhaps being an example of such.  Those chocolates on display readily attract sweet-toothed customers as these products, upon removal of the wrapper, can be readily eaten.  Plus, it is also available in different kinds like with nuts, etc. even the white chocolate kind.

But if we enter a grocery store, in this age where readily-available food items are the in thing, we still find raw organic cocoa or chocolate – the native kind from organically grown.  They may not come in solid form.  They may come in powder form, and they may not invite us to open the pack and taste the raw chocolate in that form.  That is because raw organic chocolate drink may seemed to be expensive or still not commercially known.  However, we might wonder why such are still being sold in supermarkets.

Advantage of Organic Cocoa and its Products

While chocolate in the bar form may be eaten for desert or as a candy, basically, organic chocolate drink when drank can invigorate us in the morning, and during those hours when we need to stay awake.  Especially if coffee is already contraindicated to our health, we have organic chocolate drink as a rather healthier option.  And who does not need perk ups once in a while especially when one is already working?

And since the organic cocoa on the other hand is in its raw form, we can easily cook it anyway that we want.  If we want chocolate cake for breakfast, we can easily reach out for organic cocoa and add some on our usual cake recipe.  If we want chocolate for snacks, we could get some to flavor our dough.  There are also other ways were we can eat chocolate if we are to use the raw cocoa form and not just the processed kind.

But perhaps one of the greatest advantages organic cocoa can offer is that if it is nutritionally packed.  What does that mean?

If the cocoa has been planted and grown without using chemicals for pesticide or fertilizers, then we need not fear that it is full of chemicals that could otherwise harm our health.  Also, we can be sure that utmost care must have been exercised so that it will retain its being organic. The natural vitamins and mineral are also retained.  Drinking chocolate drink from organic cocoa of that kind will indeed be good for our health.  Whatever nutrients we expect to get from drinking chocolate is there maximally.

Making Wise Choices

Of course, even if a product is very good for us practically and health wise, we still need to think about its impact on our budget.  Let us remember that we would be happier if we will be able to secure for ourselves something good.  In this case, if the product that we are aiming to buy is priced beyond our reach, it will just make us feel disappointed.

Moreover, if the product line offers a wide variety of products, we will be happier because we will be able to choose any variant that would suite our taste.  And if we want to try all variants in just one shopping spree, if the products are reasonably priced, we will not get disappointed because we will be able to buy at least a small pack of each variant. These all happened because of Fair Trade. With this combination of being organic and Fair Trade, cocoa can be available easily on our favorite stores. When buying Fair Trade cocoa and its products, we are supporting producers of organic products as well, and at the same time we are assured of quality cocoa products.

Being the classic kind of product, as we have learned, also presents its own advantages.  These advantages, when combined, make the product – such as organic cocoa and chocolate – endure the market in general.  These include flexibility in terms of cooking and usage, as well as in possible taste and price.  Above all, let us not forget that in everything that we eat, we are feeding ourselves.  Let us therefore also count the health benefits a certain product will be able to give us – processed or raw.