Last time when in Manila with my family, we were thinking of where to take some extraordinary food to eat. I particularly crave for some authentic Filipino fried chicken. I rarely had chance to eat in Savory, as per my recall I guess I ate once in the old Buendia Branch. It’s good to know that Savory is starting to expand branches all over Metro Manila.

We had a chance to visit the Glorietta 5 branch of Savory. We ordered the Savory Combo A. This meal is a complete one with rice, lumpiang shanghai, 1/2 Fried Chicken and also pansit canton. In addition, we also ordered Shrimp rebosado. You can’t go wrong with the authentic taste of Savory fried chicken. The meal we ordered is just enough for us three and we’re happy to visit any other branch as well instead of eating on regular fast food chain. Anyway, the price of the food is not that expensive.

Savory Chicken has been an all time favorite since the 1950s and is popular being another Pinoy style fried chicken, which is very flavorful alongside the delectable gravy.

More branches all around Metro Manila can be found now especially inside popular malls. Visit their website for more info: