purple dollOnce I chanced upon this page on Facebook with a profile picture of a cute purple doll. I never knew that the page is for a food blog until I browse and saw that it features reviews of restaurants in Metro Manila. I then began to be interested because here in The Food Techie, we also tried to feature restaurants I dined in.

The owner of the blog is Sumi Go. She’s a young foodie, writer and photographer. She has mastered the craft as I see that most of her food photos are well taken and vivid. You will see samples below of her food photos that are lively and make you hungry and drool.

Here are the answers of Sumi to some of interesting questions we have for our food bloggers.

How did you start in food blogging?

I actually just blog about general topics when I started www.ThePurpleDoll.net. However, since I love going out on food trips, I decided to share about my food escapades which eventually became the dominating theme on my blog. From there, I decided to just focus on food blogging and have been enjoying it ever since.

Do you need a lot of funds to come up with a series of interesting food blogs?

Not really, but you’ll need some funds to eat out, buy food items, or ingredients if you’ll be blogging about food on a personal perspective. It’s not everyday you can get to eat for free, so definitely be prepared to shell out some from your own pocket. However, I don’t think it’s necessary to spend a lot. You can blog about cheap eats, your own cooking, or even your mom’s cooking which is free.

The Purple Doll - Italiannis

Do you need to be a good cook or a kitchen connoisseur to be a good food blogger?

Not necessarily, but you have to be passionate about food and be eager to learn to be able to blog about it properly. In my case, I’m still a work-in-progress inside the kitchen, but I don’t consider myself that bad in food blogging. As long as you love food and would want to share it with the world, then don’t let anything stop you.

What inspires you to do food reviews in your blog?

I think it’s my love for food, photography and writing combined together that fuels my passion for food blogging. Whenever I experience new food in restaurants, or have created something I deem worthy of sharing to the public, I get excited. I take photos of them, then write about them. It may take several hours off my free time, and can even drain my funds, but the joy of discovering new flavors and sharing them with my readers is more than enough to get me going.

Who do you think are the type of people most interested in food blogs?

Foodies, of course! Being one of them, I’m very interested in checking out food blogs to know what restaurants and dishes I should try soon, or to get inspired and cook something for myself, my family, and friends.

The Purple Doll - Thai Resa

What do you think is the future of food blogging? Do you think this is just a fad?

I’m not really sure what food blogging can become in the future, but I think the number of food blogs around will continue to grow. Anyone and everyone can start a food blog anyway, so this will make the foodies’ community grow bigger which is not a bad thing. And no, I don’t think it’s just a fad. Food bloggers who blog just because they see it as an “in” thing will definitely get bored and become tired eventually. But since there are still a lot of active food blogs around, you know we blog for the love of food!

What piece of advice would you like to share with other food bloggers?

I guess it’s to just enjoy food blogging and to not get too pressured with other technicalities. Do something because you love it, not because of any other reasons. Also, take good care of your credibility as a food blogger. Not just because you were offered free food, product or anything, you’re obliged to give out rave reviews. We can be honest while still keep being civil at the same time.

Another thing is to be open-minded and take in criticisms gracefully. Love for food may be universal, but blogging in its essence is still a form of communication, so strive to improve whether be it in cooking, in food photography, or in writing. And lastly, let’s all take care of our health even if we love munching on good food. We don’t want to gorge down all the lechons today and live on porridge for the rest of our lives, do we?

For more information about The Purple Doll, you can visit www.ThePurpleDoll.net.