Second Cup Riyadh (1)

Whether for its coffee or tea, Second Cup has its unique blend and taste of its own. You won’t be disappointed whatever kind of coffee or dessert you order here. I come here often with friends, but I have not created the review since this day.

Ambiance:  The place is very spacious especially the bachelor’s section. You can be comfortable doing your extra work from office or even if you feel like just relaxing and browse your favorite social websites. While having your favorite desert here, you can be stress-free sitting on their comfy couch. You just need to bring your own 3G connection because most often their Wifi is not functioning well.

Service: Majority of staff are Filipinos, so there is no problem with the service. That is why many Pinoys hang out here especially on weekends.

Price:  Average compared to other coffee shops here in Riyadh. But a bit pricey for their specialty desserts like a Coco Peanut slice worth SR20.

Food: Drinks and desserts are delectable particularly the Green Tea latte and the Choco Peanut. There is no variety after some time that you keep on coming back, the menu is still the same.

Location: Localizer Mall, Tahlia Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – This is a franchise from Canada. Visit for more info.