DOOFHow many times have parents had to say, “First eat your vegetables, then you can have dessert ”.

The team at DOOF (FOOD spelled backwards) realized that this scenario happens all too often and there was a void in the fun part of choosing healthy food. With technology and education becoming more and more intertwined, DOOF, which specializes in media-­based food fun for kids, decided to design an engaging, educational computer game to make healthy food, fun for kids. The idea is that this game will make food food fun in same way TV ads make unhealthy snacks and junk cereals appealing.

Just like the real world, unhealthy choices result in negative consequences

But Planet DOOF goes a step further by allowing kids to participate in the gathering and preparation of virtual food items, as they play the game. Planet DOOF presents an exciting world of animated, extraterrestrial characters from a planet where there’s no such thing as food. Players are connected virtually to the wonders of healthy food on Planet Earth and empowered as decision-­makers in selecting, gathering and preparing ingredients. Players gain new powers when they make healthy choices and also learn about the implications of the unhealthy ones.

Kids Help Design Planet DOOF

Planet DOOF is being created with huge input from a diverse group of 9-­12 year-­olds. Their challenge is to make it available FREE OF CHARGE to 200,000 kids from all backgrounds and degrees of computer access. Planet DOOF enhances existing efforts to improve healthy food options in schools and communities by increasing the credibility, familiarity and fun of healthy food among children 9-­12. It also provides a crucial building block to improving food choices by expanding demand. As DOOF rolls out the first version this spring, they will be relying on the generous support of funders to ensure that the game is accessible to kids in California, and other parts of the US. If your school or organization wants to play Planet DOOF, please contact DOOF’s Marketing and Education Director, Lauren Hopfenbeck at lauren[@]

Find out more about DOOF at and support their KICKSTARTER campaign to bring healthy food awareness to kids everywhere!

About the Contributor:  Lauren Hopfenbeck is the Marketing and Education Director for DOOF and since her years as an undergraduate at the University of California, Irvine has dedicated her hobbies and professional life to the world of food and food education with children.