This post might be overdue, but reading the answers to my interview questions made me post this immediately. The story is truly inspiring on how to become a food blogger by heart. From his successful stint in the broadcasting industry to becoming a food blogger, Ralph Guzman passionately blogs his love for food. His being a foodie gets the attention of various blog awards giving bodies.

It wouldn’t be necessary to tweak the interview, so I will post the transcript raw.

What inspires you to create interesting food blog?

A little background, Archie.  I used to be a TV news reporter and anchor for GMA News.  When I decided to leave, I decided to blog to continue the discipline of writing.  I developed ralphguzman.org, which was an all-around site.  Being true to my journalistic roots, I wrote political commentaries, and also wrote about cooking, a hobby that I was even more passionate about.

I later changed my URL to the present-day RatedRalph.com.  While it still had the same format as ralphguzman.org, in 2011, I decided to pursue writing about food full time.

What inspired me now into food blogging?  Pure passion.  I love to cook, and I love to cook for family and friends.  After so many years of cooking, I realized that food has the power to bring people together.  A lot of my friends were a result of meals being shared with them.  I wanted to spread word about the power of food in enriching people’s lives.  And so, I went full time.  I maintained RatedRalph.com because I wanted the site to be real and personal.  I don’t represent any company or business interest insofar as food is concerned.  I don’t even have a degree in culinary arts.  I just wanted to spread the word.  And I was very glad to know that the internet has allowed ordinary people (me included) to express themselves to the world.

Do you need to be a good cook or a kitchen connoisseur to be a good food blogger?

Sure, it helps to be a good cook and kitchen connoisseur when writing about food. It helps you write good content, and it helps you write things more accurately, since a good cook knows all the important jargons and techniques.  However, I believe, it is not a requirement.  I don’t have any culinary background at all.  I am self-taught.  I’ve made my own mistakes in the kitchen and have shared them on the blog.  There are a countless food bloggers out there who don’t have a degree but are very good at what they’re doing.  And a lot of them I admire too.  But a must, I believe, is a real passion and love for both food and sharing it with people through writing.

Blogging about food is fun.  You get to show good pictures and upload them.  There is a certain amount of bragging rights when a person has eaten at this place ahead of everyone else.  But it is time-consuming.  It entails some cost (unless you are monetizing your blog; so far, I choose not to).  It is also very time-consuming, which is difficult when you still have a day job.  But what will help the blogger is a real passion and love for what he or she is doing.  Otherwise, it would be very hard to last long in blogging.  Admittedly, I still have my own challenges in making time for blogging.  Being busy also has the potential to kill creativity, which is an enemy because most of my posts are about recipes I create.  But in the end, what has helped me is passion and focus on what I’m doing.  Therefore, in the end, I’m actually enjoying it.

What piece of advice would you like to share with other food bloggers?

I can give a lot of advice.  But here’s a few.  One, stay true to yourself and your cooking.  Cook and eat from the heart, and share your passion (and recipes).  Passion is something that shows more than the taste we can imagine in the pictures.  And it is passion, I believe that is anyone’s best asset in the long run.  It’s also a free country and a free worldwide web.  The opinions of an amateur cook are just as important as influential bloggers or chefs.

Second, just cook and cook and cook.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Explore.  Keep on posting, and see how you can continuously improve your craft over time.

Third, just enjoy cooking and blogging.  The more you enjoy it, the more confident you become.  The more it affects your output.

Check out more Ralph Guzman’s love for food and his desire sharing his recipes via the blog www.RatedRalph.com. He even now has his foodcast called Comfort Zone on YouTube.