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Sweets City is a personal blog that covers mainly about desserts. There is a wide array of review of various sweet foods from cakes & pastries to ice cream & similar frozen delights. It also reviews sweetened beverages and all sorts of desserts.

When asked what’s the inspiration to create these two interesting food blogs; Eats City and Sweets City, the author replied it is simply for the love to eat and particularly love of desserts. The author also maintains another blog covering lifestyle/general topic called www.thecityroamer.com and observed that food is a popular topic. The author is now focusing on desserts (Sweets City) for niche purposes. Unfortunately, the General Food blog (Eats City) was hacked, and it had to take down for the meantime. 

The food blog is relatively new, so the author can’t say that he has already made a great accomplishment. His initial effort to connect with brands like Magnum paid off. Magnum Ice Cream posted his blog on their Facebook Wall and that generated over 500 hits in a day.

The piece of advice the author would like to share with other food bloggers is just enjoy the food you eat. And if you didn’t like it, say so. You don’t have to spend lots of money, simply blog about the food you eat, however ordinary it may seem.

You can link Sweet City on Facebook at facebook.com/sweetscityph and Twitter at /twitter.com/sweetscityph.

For more information about Sweets City, visit www.sweetscity.com and www.thecityroamer.com.