menuusMobile technology has placed, over the course of the last several years, a high value on discovery – the use of maps, data, and social connections to expose users to new experiences. The restaurant industry, particularly in densely-populated areas, has been quick to hop on board, playing along with the technology industry to boost visibility in ways traditional marketing cannot.

Menuus, a new iPhone app from Brooklyn-based design and development studio Casserole Labs, has created a product that drives discovery platforms back to their core purpose: getting users out of their houses and into local restaurants. Open the app, and it immediately identifies your location and scours local menus in real-time, then suggests three-course meals paired with drinks at restaurants within walking distance.

What happens from there is up to you. Swipe right – or better yet, shake your phone – and you’re presented a new restaurant with new dishes. Like the restaurant but not the options? Swipe upward, and the dish choices tumble downward to reveal a whole new set. The freedom of choice is intended to entertain without overcomplicating, bringing together technical finesse and quality design to achieve a singular, albeit important, goal.

With a clean user interface and a tight focus on the matter at hand – eating, and eating well – Menuus whittles away overcomplexity without sacrificing small design details. Going forward, the app will see a wealth of new features, each driving users to new dining experiences, as well as expansion to markets around the globe.

To give Menuus a try, visit the App Store.

About the Contributor: Brady Donnelly is the Director of Product at Casserole Labs. You can follow him on Twitter at @bradydonnelly or email him at [email protected]