Eggrollin Filipino Food Cart U.S.A.It was passion for food that drove Rojo Castillio of Olympia, Washington, U.S.A. to get a permit for food service, bought his own truck and started his career as a chef. He serves Filipino dishes and specialties, but the “apple of the eye” on his menu is lumpia. His food truck, which he christened Eggrollin, is the first Filipino food truck that roams the streets of Provo, Utah. The truck is hard to miss for its blazing red color and has a “Got Lumpia?” written on either side of the van. Just after two weeks of opening, Eggrollin has received a lot of love among its customers. Many of them are Filipinos wanting to have a taste of home, but surprisingly, Americans also fell in love with the chef’s cooking.

Eggrollin’s menu is simple, but very tasty. It’s signature item- the Filipino lumpia, is composed of ground meat, lovingly rolled in an egg wrap and then deep fried to perfection. But Chef Rojo added a little twist to this tried and tested recipe. He made lumpia more desirable by having the meat in different varieties. It can be ordered in beef, pork, chicken and for those vegetarian and weight-watchers- in veggie tofu. But that’s not all.

Lumpia - Eggrollin Filipino Food Cart U.S.A.

Eggrollin is also boasting its mouth-watering chicken adobo, pancit bihon, and the all time favorite chicken barbeque. Chef Rojo also added tacos to his menu. You may be surprised to see that the tacos’ filling is chicken lechon kawali that was marinated in garlic, lime and pepper. And for dessert, Eggrollin is serving the ultimate Halo Halo , made with tapioca pearls, sweet coconut shreds, jackfruit, pineapple gels, cane sugar, topped with crushed ice and overflowing evaporated milk. If, customers are brave enough, they can try duck’s egg, or Balut. Balut also makes some decent popularity via Jeepney in New York City.

Chicken Adobo Combo Eggrollin Filipino Food Cart U.S.A.

Eggrollin is mostly serving lunch and dinner for about eight dollars or less- a very affordable treat for you and your family to enjoy. If you want to sample Chef Rojo’s cooking, they can be seen parked at Provos, Utah 800 North and 500 West. They are also doing caterings for private occasions and parties. For more information, click here to go to Eggrollin’s Facebook page.

All images courtesy of Eggrollin’s Facebook page.