Sushico Istanbul TurkeyAfter consecutive days of eating Turkish foods like kebabs and everything, it was about time to eat what our genuine palate dictates – of course Asian food. The closest that we could get from Filipino food are Thai or Chinese food here in Istanbul, Turkey. It was a tour that you will never imagine being in Europe and Asia at the same time. We chanced upon this Asian restaurant called Sushico serving not only Japanese food, but Thai and Chinese foods. It was a feast after having too much mixed grills of beef, chicken, fish and lamb. Well, the taste of Turkish food is really delectable with its moderately seasoned meals (mostly with local herbs and spices).

But finding this Sushico in Kanyon Mall, Istanbul was like finding a pot of gold. You would find this Asian restaurant in Turkey easy to as every restaurant row in the malls is complete – dining overlooking most parts of the mall.

Sushico Istanbul Turkey - Miso Soup

Sushico Istanbul Turkey - Dragon Roll

There were so much to enjoy in their menu. We started with the Miso soup with soy bean paste base that is very rich coupled with tofu and wakame. Then it was followed by Dragon Roll – a Maki roll made with eel, avocado and cucumber. We would not forget to order their version of Pad Thai with quite a thin than usual rice noodles and succulent extra large bean sprouts. Their Pad Thai is not saucy but very tasty. Sushico has also their chef’s special Crispy Duck wherein you can wrap with your choice of sauce and greens. We also had steamed beef dumplings.

Sushico Istanbul Turkey - Pad Thai

Sushico Istanbul Turkey - Chef's Special

The meal we had at Sushico Istanbul is good for two (starving for Asian food) persons for the price of total of 118 TL (per dish majority is about 20 to 30 TL). The overall dining experience is very satisfying. as mentioned, Sushico can be found in various locations in Turkey, but this one is at Kanyon Mall, in Istanbul. Visit their website at for other tasty meals and locations.