Having dinner on a late night Thursday evening in Riyadh is usually crazy. Roaming around, you’ll see a lot of local restaurants serving broasted chicken jam packed with Saudis and expats. So, we opted for Texas Chicken once again. Well, craving for some biscuits and not really their chicken is what’s on my mind. The crust of the biscuits is really crumbly and upon eating, there is some buttery aroma or flavor. It should be eaten right away and don’t let it cool down because the taste will be different and not satisfying.

You’ll see from their posters and banners that their chicken is crunchy and juicy. But, I’m not sure at this time when we dine in. The chicken is yes, crispy and crunchy but the meat is really dry. Maybe we were served with an overcooked batch of fried chicken. Nevertheless, I still finished my meal in full glory with more biscuits for take home. I might need to reheat some in the morning to retain it’s freshness.

There are only a few branches of Texas Chicken in Saudi Arabia. They maybe just staring to get more locations. This branch of Texas Chicken in Riyadh is located in Sulaimaniyah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia near the computer souks along  Prince Mamduh Ibn Abdulaziz Street.